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The Far Cry - The Far Cry (1968) Reissue (2008) Lossless

LabelFallout [FOCD2090]

GenrePsych, Blues, Jazz Rock, Avantgarde, Funk
QualityFLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans)
Total Time: 00:44:00
Total Size: 244mb(+5%)
Sometimes hypes and supposed scenes turn up random work that gets lost in the flow of its time but which a later generation rediscovers and celebrates deservedly for qualities obscured at the time. Sometimes. Far Cry, though, won't get that nod, though it's not for lack of trying on the part of the Fallout label, who make a specialty of digging up random oddities. This one's just a bit too random, though: a late-'60s Boston band caught up in the monumental PR flop of the "Bosstown Sound," Far Cry made a debut and, in the end, what would be their sole album, which is exactly what one would expect from a group at that time and place operating on a limited budget. To the septet's credit, their songs are all originals as compared to so many of the covers that would pad out many albums at the time, while snagging a piece of classic Persian art for the cover made for a vivid visual impact. But the seven-song album sounds flat and distant even after a CD remaster, not bootleg-murky but not striking, either, while the band is simultaneously reasonably talented in a workmanlike way without bringing anything new to the table. Lead vocalist Jere Whiting's white blues wails are serviceable without being remarkable, while the group's jams and breakdowns totter between noodling and making something out of it all, not always successfully. Bassist Sean Hutchinson more often than not is trying to lay in at least a bit of funk, in a steady-as-she-goes way, but otherwise long songs like "Dream?" and "Sweet Little Angel" in particular just fill up the space or build to OK but not remarkable finishes. A little psych, a little blues, a little funk -- a little album, in the end.

The Far Cry - The Far Cry (1968) Reissue (2008) Lossless


The Far Cry - The Far Cry (1968) Reissue (2008) Lossless


1. Shapes (David Perry) - 4:29
2. Midnight Juice (Jere Whiting, Larry Luddecke) - 7:19
3. Dream? (Julia Grossman, Victor McGill) - 9:51
4. Hellhound (Jere Whiting) - 3:43
5. Earthlight (David Perry, Paul Lenart) - 3:39
6. Sweet Little Angel (Riley King, Jules Taub) - 8:05
7. Listen To The Walls (David Friedel, David Perry) - 6:51

Jere Whiting - Vocals, Harmonica
Dick Martin - Tenor Saxophone, Congas
Larry Luddecke - Organ, Piano
Paul Lenart - Guitar
David Perry - Guitar, Vocals
Victor McGill - Drums
Sean Hutchinson - Bass

All thanks to original releaser

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