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Summer Cocktail Lounge (Ibiza Beach Chillout Classics) (2012)


Жанр: Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut
Год выпуска: 2012
Формат: mp3
Битрейт аудио: 320 Kbps
Продолжительность: 03:36:19
Размер: 528 Mb


01. Hope (Easy Erotic Groove Lounge Mix) [feat. Inocencia Comas] - Sleepingroom Armada
02. Picture (Ibiza Lounge of Love) - Balearic Lounge Corporation
03. Dawn of Light (Balearic Guitar Del Mar Mix) - Lounge Lotion
04. Follow Me With Your Eyes (Wide Awake Mix) [feat. Katy Bieber] - Perry Oxial
05. Wandering (Overexposed Chill Mix) - Chilhouette
06. Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix) - Lullaby Lounge
07. Mid Summer Nights (Luxury Deluxe Mix) - Royspop
08. Harmonie - KoolSax
09. Lost Senses (Sunshine Reggae Mix) - Delor
10. Chilling With the Stars (Crusin' Kandi Mix) [feat. Defy Jef] - Urban Lounge
11. Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Original Mix) - Milews
12. Vibrations (Spektor Downbeat Mix) [feat. Regina Jepsen] - Cool Aqua
13. The Divine Puppet (Jazzy Del Mar Mix) - JazzyJazz
14. Dubby Sunset Sky At Cafe Del Mar - Lea Perry
15. What Can You Do (Bar Cafe Buddha Mix) [feat. Sia Perry] - Merlion
16. Daydreaming (Chillout Terrace Mix) - Soleil Fisher
17. Paradise Beach (Lounge Deluxe Mix) - Rainman
18. Somewhere in Your Sleep (Sunrise to Sunset Mix) - Little Talks
19. People of Ibiza (Sunset Chillout Cafe Mix) - Ragi Del Mar
20. Neverending Summer Love - DJ Lounge del Mar
21. Sunset Beach of Love (Islands Chill Mix) - Café del Chill
22. Siesta Key Beach (Tampa Bay Cafe Lounge Mix) - Sarasota Surfers
23. I See You (Beach Cafe Instrumental) [feat. Io Vita] - Atrium
24. Spy from cairo (Classic Instrumental Lounge Bar Mix) - Hirudo
25. Love Is the Way (Original Mix) - Rainman
26. Nunca Dejes de (Rio Latin Kandi Mix) [feat. Vilchez] - Kashira
27. Future Sound of London (Bedroom Fireflies Lounge Cafe Mix) - City Owl Loungers
28. Singapore Sling (Buddha Beach Cafe Mix) - DJ Lounge del Mar
29. Facing the World (Soul 2 Lounge Mix) - Sugar Brownie
30. Stars (Retro Chill Under the Sun Mix) - Sevastopol
31. Porqoui pas (Costes Hotel Club Bar Mix) - Soleil Fisher
32. Easy Come Easy Go (Into the Silence Mix) - Funky Juice Trio
33. Too Much (Chillout Terrace Sunrise Mix) - Goulding
34. Sky in Your Eyes (Sunset Campari Chillout Hotel Bar Mix) - Cape Town Chillerz
35. Accumulated Wealth (Hed Deluxe Lounge Instrumental Mix) - Kandi Sunlover Nomads
36. Nightingale Express (Lounge Cafe Sunset Reissue Instrumental) - Mobile Factory
37. La Realidad (Ibiza Vocal Mix) [feat. Deborah Vilchez] - Sweet Velvet
38. We Found Love (Wish You Were Here Mix) [feat. Dione] - Princess of Lounge
39. Cubra Libre Bar (Cafe Buddha Mix) - Mark Bareilles
40. Coming Out of the Sky (Who We R ?) - Sunpeople

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