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Soft Machine – Høvikodden 1971 (2024) 4CD

Label (Catalog#): Cuneiform

Genre: Canterbury Scene, Prog Rock, Jazz-Rock

Quality: FLAC (*tracks)

Bitrate: Lossless

Time: 03:01:09

Full Size: 990Mb(+3%)(PDF booklet)

this well recorded and carefully mastered set captures the most famous version of the band (the 'classic quartet') on their final european tour on two consecutive nights on february 27 and 28, 1971.

while the two sets from the second night (february 28, 1971) have been released before, this is the first time that the entire two-night stand has been released. so half of this is previously completely unreleased. this is an excellent, stereo recording of the band performing in a relatively small hall; the volume balance between the instruments is not perfect, but there is no other recording by soft machine that i know of that sounds as much like the band are performing right in front of you! additionally, we were able to improve in a modest way the not-perfect balance between the instruments on this edition. the result is, in the words of the late michael king, who released the sunday concert on his reel recordings label in 2009, "demonstrably the finest recording of the classic soft machine quartet ever committed to tape." soft machine's two concerts at the henie-onstad art center near oslo, norway, in late february 1971 were special in several respects. the circumstances, of course, were unusual...in a museum space, as part of an art exhibition by the boyle family, and mark boyle's films were projected during the performances. but more significantly, both shows were recorded, and superbly at that, providing a rare glimpse into how, at this stage in the band's existence, the music could change significantly from one night to the next, even when the setting didn't.



1. [February 27, 1971 – first set]

 Facelift (11:58)

2. Virtually (11:48)

3. Slightly All The Time (09:26)

4. Fletcher’s Blemish (06:43)

5. [February 27, 1971 – second set]

 intro (00:37)

6. Neo-Caliban Grides (09:06)

7. Out-Bloody-Rageous (09:57)

8. Vocal Improvisation (04:18)

9. Eamonn Andrews (01:12)

10. All White (02:41)

11. Kings and Queens (06:18)

12. Teeth (09:00)

13. Pigling Bland (04:31)

14. [February 28, 1971 – first set] 

Facelift (10:07)

15. Virtually (10:11)

16. Slightly All The Time (09:44)

17. Fletcher’s Blemish (08:00)

18. [February 28, 1971 – second set] 

Neo-Caliban Grides (08:03)

19. Out-Bloody-Rageous (08:44)

20. Vocal Improvisation (04:56)

21. Eamonn Andrews (01:09)

22. All White (02:38)

23. Kings and Queens (06:08)

24. Teeth (11:09)

25. Pigling Bland (04:38)

26. Slightly All The Time [encore] (06:54)



Elton Dean: alto sax, saxello, Hohner pianet

Hugh Hopper: bass

Mike Ratledge: Hohner pianet, Lowrey Holiday Deluxe organ, Fender Rhodes

Robert Wyatt: drums, vocals


Original recordings engineered by Meny Bloch at the Henie Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, Norway, February 27-28, 1971.

Music from the 28th was originally released on Live At Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971.

Track 2-1 is unlisted and is simply the noises made at the beginning of the set as they prepare to start playing.

All thanks to original releaser

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